1. 1.      IDENTITY

Formally “The Coventry Radio Control Stock Car Club (1976)” and following the amalgamation with “The Brandon Buggy Club” the Club shall be known as;

Coventry Model Car Club.  (CMCC)

  1. 2.      OBJECTIVES

To promote Off Road Model racing, to arrange meetings in order to publicise and further the interests of the sport and to participate in events arranged for charitable purpose.

  1. 3.      MEMBERSHIP

Membership is open to any off road radio controlled model racer. ALL members must be registered with the governing body (BRITISH RADIO CAR ASSOCIATION) either through the club or direct to gain their licence and be covered with insurance.

  1. 4.      CLUB STRUCTURE

The committee of the club shall consist of CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, TREASURER, MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY, COMPETITION SECRETARY and TWO COMMITTEE MEMBERS. The quorum for a committee meeting shall be a minimum of four.

  1. 5.      SUBSCRIPTIONS

The subscription for each year to be determined at the AGM and shall be due on the 1st January. Any member who has not renewed their subscription by the end of February +1 month shall be presumed to have left the club.


a)      The Constitution of the club may only be changed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

b)     Any proposition to change the Constitution must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 28 days before the General Meeting at which it is to be considered.

c)      Any additions to the agenda are to be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before the meeting.

d)     Not less than 28 days clear notice of such a meeting shall be advertised at club meetings and any other suitable locations.

e)      At General Meetings the quorum of paid-up Members shall be 5% for an AGM and 10% for an EGM.

f)       Paid-up members are entitled to ONE vote; proxy votes will not be accepted.


a)      The Annual General Meeting shall be held between the 1st & 31st December as determined by the committee

b)     At least the following items shall be included on the AGM in the following order:-

i)        Minutes of the previous AGM

ii)      Officers Reports

iii)    Changes of Constitution

iv)    Appointment of Auditor

v)      Subscriptions & Race Fees

vi)    Election of Officers

vii)  Racing Rules

viii) Health & Safety

ix)    Any Other Business


An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Committee at its own request or at the request of 15 or more members with a signed request.

  1. 9.      FINANCE

a)      All monies and items received by the Club shall remain the property of the Club. If the Club is dissolved any funds shall be distributed to a charity or charities of the Committee’s choice.

b)      The financial year shall run from the 1st January to the 31st December

c)      A balance sheet showing income and expenditure for the preceding financial year shall be presented at the AGM. A copy of this balance sheet, duly certified by the Auditor, shall be available to all Members at the AGM.

d)     A Bank or Building Society Account shall be maintained in the name of the Club.

e)      The Committee is empowered to make banking arrangements within the limits of the Club.

f)       All cheques and orders withdrawing monies from the account shall be signed by 2 of the 3 committee members empowered by the Committee. The committee members normally empowered to sign cheques and orders shall be the CHAIRMAN, TREASURER and one other (chosen by the committee)

  1. 10.  RACING RULES

All events and competitions organized by Coventry Model Car Club shall be run in accordance within the rules of Coventry Model Car Club or the B.R.C.A rules. (See separate sheet).


  1. All litter to be removed and the facilities left in good order at the end of each meeting.
  2. No Nitro engines to be started between the hours of 19.00hrs (or Dusk in the winter months) and 9.00hrs.
  3. The racing of RC Vehicles around the car park area is prohibited and culprits may be disqualified from the meeting or banned from the club.
  4. Any Ungentlemanly conduct (including the use of bad language) could result in the culprit being banned from the meeting and in extreme cases be banned from the club and the BRCA notified.
  5. All meetings are to be run in accordance with the rules of the governing body (BRCA)
  6. Booking in on solid or split crystal frequencies 27mhz or 40mhz is permitted, each driver should have a minimum of 3 sets. 2.4Hz is also permitted.
  7. Separate heats and finals will be held for each class where possible.
  8. There will be a minimum of 3 rounds of 6 minute heats and extended finals with bump ups for nitro classes when numbers allow.
  9. All drivers must drive from the rostrum.
  10. All cars shall be clearly marked with at least 1 number that has been allocated to the driver, the number to visible by race control.
  11. All drivers are responsible for the collection and return of club hand out transponders, drivers using personal transponders are responsible for there operation not the club. Drivers should be aware that the club currently has hand out transponders, but these are no longer available for replacement the club will maintain these as long as possible, a personal transponder is therefore recommended.
  12. All drivers to marshal the race following their own race unless notified by race control and stay at there marshal point until relieved by  the  next  marshal or told by race control to stand down, deputy marshals should Hold a BRCA licence. All marshals must wear the Hi Vis vests provided. Any driver found not marshalling will receive a penalty, stop go, -7 laps or loss of FTD.
  13. All transmitters to be switched off in the pits area, testing of cars during a meeting with permission from race control only.
  14. The driving of a car round the track in the wrong direction including warm up and cool down laps is prohibited, Penalty will be a stop go, drive through the pit lane or a 10 second time penalty.
  15. All cars in the finals are to be driven by the driver in at least 1 race during qualifying on the day, subject to informing Race Director.
  16. All cars must have Bodies and gear covers fitted at all times during a race, any cars with a loose body and gear cover must be returned to the pit lane for repair before continuing.
  17. A minimum of 6 cars of the same class to constitute a final.
  18. Electric Rally X to do a voluntary drive through up to a 12 minute final and over a 12 minute final to complete a drive through or a Battery change.
  19. Race Director Decision is Final.
  20. In the event a meeting is abandoned points will be awarded by qualifying position at the end of the rounds run (minimum of 2 rounds). If only 2 rounds of qualifiying have been completed then both rounds will be used to calculate the overall position. If more than 2 rounds have been completed, then qualifiying will be calculated on best 2 rounds. Only completed rounds to be used for calculating overall position.