COVID-19 Update

Information following the BRCA’s latest Covid 19 guideline email:

As we are an outside venue it is up to the individual if you wish to continue to wear your face covering, we ask those that choose not too, to respect other people’s use of facemasks and personal space. If you choose to continue to wear it please do not judge those who choose not to wear one.


We would ask people to continue to wear gloves to Marshall, although we cannot enforce this and if you don’t please respect the decision of those that still wish too.

Hi Vis:

Please provide your own hi Vis vest to wear whilst marshalling. Please do not share any PPE with anyone else.

Hand sanitiser:

Will still be track side for use and we would like people to continue to use it but we cannot enforce it’s use and no judgement will be made on a person’s decision to use it or not.

Race control:

Will still be out of bounds with no face covering. Please respect whoever is in race control- They may choose to still wear a face covering.


Please continue to use the one way system with nobody to enter the rostrum until the previous drivers have exited.

Event entry:

Will remain the same for now via online booking for Sunday meetings only and Thursday evenings will continue as before.

Please Note:

We ask everyone to please respect everyone else’s decisions on the above and respect their personal decisions. Can you also please try and maintain a 2m social distance where ever you can.